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Greiztoph / Sep 03, 2016

Raven will be gone for two weeks in a few daysVox is working until the 12thSo it is just myself and Domnot sure why they want an announcement but they get it, just me and dom for a while I suppose, also winter is almost here for me =P

Greiztoph / Jul 08, 2016

As some already know the Guild council has been talking about changing the guild, reworking lore is something I have been working on for about a month, however there is much more that could be changed and we would like to know you opinions upon it...

Vox / Mar 22, 2016

Lanterneers,As some of you have already been aware, our Teamspeak 3 server ran out of subscription recently. For a long time now we have debated whether to continue using Teamspeak 3 at this moment or to try something new. For now however, we have...

Magnus / Feb 25, 2016

Siege Perilous is targeted to kick-off next month. If you're interested in serving as a Campaign Commander to orchestrate the LW in a battle or two, please post to announce your interest. Alpha 3 backers and above are supposed to have access.